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TVB 1967.svg

The logo used by TVB during the 1960s. The centre of the logo contains the Traditional Chinese characters "香港" (hoeng gong in Cantonese) placed on the right, but written from right to left (unlike today's convention, which writes words from left to right). The logo has been discontinued for years, in favour of the "tricolour" idents that is currently used today. Image is found on the Chinese Wikipedia.


TVB 1967 (Colour).svg

Logo used on screen.



Logopedia Info.svg

TVB adopted the true primary colours (i.e. blue, green and red) as their logo because these are the colours for displaying of colour images in television. It represents the company's core business and the commencement of colour TV production, the Chinese font is changed.


TVB logo.svg

In 1981 the Chinese text on the rectangle is dropped.

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