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1952–1976 1976–1992 1992–2003 2003–present
1952–1976 1976–1992 1992–2003 2003–present

Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP, or Polish Television) is a Polish state media corporation. It is the largest Polish television network, although it is currently the least trusted network in Poland due to its strong pro-government bias. About a third of TVP's income comes from a broadcast receiver license, while the rest is covered by government subsidies, commercials and sponsorships.


Logo Telewizji Polskiej - lata 60-te.svg

Applied on materials released by Telewizja Polska, on transmission cars, through properly never used on the air.


Telewizja Polska 1976.svg

This logo was designed by Roman Duszek. [1]




Telewizja Polska.svg
Designer:  A5
Typography:  Geometric 415

In order to straighten up the corporate identity of Telewizja Polska, a new logo was adopted and implemented on all channels in 2002/2003. The new identity was created by A5.


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