1952–1956 1956–1963 1963–1976 1976–1992 1992–2003 2003–present 2022 (tentative)
1952–1956 1956–1963 1963–1976 1976–1992 1992–2003 2003–present 2022 (tentative)

Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP, or Polish Television) is a Polish state media corporation. It is the largest Polish television network, although it is currently the least trusted network in Poland due to its strong pro-government bias. About a third of TVP's income comes from a broadcast receiver license, while the rest is covered by government subsidies, commercials and sponsorships.


Telewizja Polska (1952-1956).png


Telewizja Polska (1956-1963).png


Logo Telewizji Polskiej - lata 60-te.svg

Applied on materials released by Telewizja Polska, on transmission cars, through properly never used on the air.


Telewizja Polska 1976.svg

This logo was designed by Roman Duszek.




Designer:  A5
Typography:  Geometric 415
Launched:  March 7, 2003

In order to straighten up the corporate identity of Telewizja Polska, a new logo was adopted and implemented on all channels in 2002/2003. The new identity was created by A5.

2022 (tentative)

Telewizja Polska (2022, box).svg
Designer:  Tengent Studio
Typography:  Proprietary
Launched:  Unknown

In 2021, the TVP introduced a new logo and removed grids from logo. The new logo began to be launched on a few channels, with the first being TVP Sport on June 11th, 2021. TVP1 and TVP2 followed suit in September that year. On December 14th and 25th, 2021 was leaked new logos without grids for TVP and TVP ABC, respectively. Also on December 24th, 2021, presented a new graphic package of TVP Polonia, but with an old logo. It is unknown when the new logos will be launched on the other channels.