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1996–2002 2002–2003 2003–2010 2010–2019

Telfort was a sub-brand of Dutch telecommunications company KPN. It was discontinued in May 2019 in favour of the parent KPN brand.

Telfort (first era)


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Telfort was formed in 1997 as a joint venture between BT and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (the Dutch Railways). In 2000, BT bought out NS’s stake and Telfort became part of BT’s BT Wireless division. Its logo uses BT's piper and changed the colour sequence to blue and orange.




In 2001, BT Wireless demerged from BT and took the name mmO2 plc. While mmO2 plc was created in 2001, the O2 consumer brand was introduced on 19 June 2002 in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Telfort (second era)


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The O2 brand lasted for barely a year in the Netherlands as mmO2 plc sold its Dutch division to Greenfield Capital Partners; it then reverted to the Telfort name. In July 2005 Telfort was sold to KPN, the national telecommunications company of the Netherlands. In the subsequent months, the other O2 networks (in the UK, Ireland and Germany) were sold to Spanish telecommunications multinational Telefónica.

In 2007, KPN acquired the Dutch operations of Italian telecom company Tiscali and renamed them to use the Telfort Internet brand.


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In January 2019, KPN announced that it would phase out the Telfort and XS4ALL brands and merge all operations under the KPN brand. The Telfort brand was phased out on 1 May 2019.