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Telia is a telecom brand that originated in Sweden. In 2016–17, it replaced almost all other telecom brands in other countries used by Telia Company (renamed from TeliaSonera), with the exception of LMT in Latvia. It is the market leader in its home country, ahead of Tele2 (another Swedish multinational), Telenor, and Three.

Since 1995, the Telia brand has been used in Denmark as well, with the same logos as the Swedish parent.



Televerket (Sweden).svg



Telia logo 1993.svg

Telia was created in 1993, taking over most commercial activities of the Swedish telecommunication agency, Televerket. The logo was heavily influenced by Televerket's old logo.



Telia logo 2000.svg

In April 2000, Telia started rebranding itself with a radically different logo.[1] Interbrand were behind the new logo. The red colour was intended to symbolise warmth and closeness, while the pulsating dotted circles represented movement and paths for communication and information.

From this logo onwards, the same logos have been used for Telia Denmark.


Telia logo.svg

Around early 2004, Telia dropped the dotted rings from the logo, and changed the colour of the wordmark to magenta.



Telia introduced a purple pebble logo in 2011.



The 'pebble' logo was simplified following the renaming of the parent TeliaSonera to Telia Company.

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