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TeliaSonera logo

Telia and Sonera merged in 2003. The corporate logo at the time consisted of a teal wordmark.


TeliaSonera logo 2011
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The original 'purple pebble' logo was introduced in 2011. TeliaSonera subsidiaries started using this logo and it's modified Helvetica font, but local branch names were still used. The pebble had already been in use by Kcell and Geocell since 2009 and Ncell, Tcell, Moldcell and Azercell 2010.

Telia Company


Telia Company

TeliaSonera became Telia Company in 2016. Local brands in Nordic and Baltic countries were gradually replaced with the Telia brand in 2016–17. The simplified 'purple pebble' was designed by Wolff Olins.

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