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1989-1993 1995-2010 2010–2011 2011–2016 2016–present



NetCom 1993.jpeg

NetCom GSM AS was founded in 1989 as the first GSM company in Norway and was also the first 100% owned privately telecom company in Norway, to compete with the state owned Televerket which stil used the NMT-450 and NMT-900 network. Even though the company would not fully operate until opening of the GSM network in Norway in 1993 by NetCom.


NetCom Old.jpg

In 1993 NetCom GSM AS turned on the GSM network in Norway for the first time, as well marked the official opening and fully operation of the company.

NetCom AS (TeliaSonera)


NetCom Old.jpg

NetCom GSM AS was bought from the Swedish Telia in 2000 (later became TeliaSonera in 2003) and renamed the company to NetCom AS .


NetCom old logo.jpg


NetCom 2011 TeliaSonera.jpeg

In 2011 TeliaSonera rebranded all their owned company with TeliaSonera’s color, logo and brand which reflected the TeliaSonera brand and that they was owned by them.

Telia Norge AS


Telia Norge.png

In 2016 TeliaSonera was rebranded to Telia Company, this included as well all the none Telia owned brand. NetCom AS was then rebranded to Telia Norge AS.

In 2019 TDC Norge AS and Get AS was bought by Telia Norge AS, but remained as TDC Norge and Get until 2020.

In 2020 Get AS and TDC Norge AS was fused and rebranded to Telia TV (Norway) and Telia Norge AS under Telia Company.

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