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Telecom Australia



TelecomAustralia lgo1975

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Telstra Corporation was created on 1 July 1975 as Telecom Australia. The original Telecom Australia logo was designed by Pieter Huveneers.


TelecomAustralia logo1986


TelecomAustralia logo1993
In April 1993, Telecom Australia underwent a rebrand. FHA Image Design was commissioned to produce a new brand image as part of the rebrand to unify the various Telecom Australia sub-brands that would face competition from the deregulated market. This new branding would also help to ease the transition from Telecom Australia to Telstra in the domestic market.

Telstra Corporation



Telstra logo1995

On 1 July 1995, Telecom Australia was renamed Telstra Corporation, in the Australian market. The new name kept the 1993 logo, with "stra" taking over "ecom". This logo is still seen on older pay phones.


Telstra logo1999
In 1999, the logo was modified when the 1995 logo is surrounded by a blue box.


Telstra-Logo 2

In 2006, Telstra slightly modified the 1995 logo with the box being removed and the T now has a vertical line. This logo is still seen on older pay phones, as well as exchange buildings.


Telstra 2011 logo

In September 2011, Telstra unveiled a new visual identity which saw its icon adopt 6 interchangeable colour variants of the stylised satellite dish icon.

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