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1932–1949 196?–1970 1970–1995 1987–1995 1995–present
1932–1949 196?–1970 1970–1995 1987–1995 1995–present


Tesco Stores Ltd.png

Despite it’s founding in 1919, Tesco didn’t have an official logo until 1932.


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Tesco Logo 1960s.png



The familiar red Tesco logo was introduced in 1970. Although it was no longer the official logo from 1987, stores and most shopping bags still featured this logo from then on until the 1995 rebrand.


Todays Tesco logo small.png

The logo was adopted in 1981 for the 'Todays Tesco' campaign. It was dropped in 1987.


Tesco Logo 2.png

In 1987, Tesco adopted a new logo, with a thinner typeface. It was used in tandem with the 1970 logo until 1995.

A variation of this logo (stretched in width with a thin rectangular outline) was used in an advertising campaign, during the Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 (see Tesco/Other).


Tesco Logo.svg

In 1995, Tesco launched a new logo with the addition of stripe reflections underneath and a new typeface replacing the familiar 'typewriter' font that had been used since 1970.

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