15–31 January 2008

TPBS 2008-test

Thai PBS (first era)

1 February–30 April 2008

Thai PBS 2008-1

2008 (prototype)

Thai PBS 2008-YLS

Thai PBS 2008-Grafiq Kickazz

Thai PBS 2008-Sattabongkoat

Thai PBS 2008-NUAT

1 May 2008–14 January 2009

Thai PBS 2008-2

A contest was held for a new logo & design for the channel, with the contest results on 24 February 2008 declaring KITWIN's design to be the winner. The logo depicts a stylised pigeon with orange wings with the word "ไทย" ("Thai") and the English translation "Thai PBS" put at the top.

TV Thai

15 January 2009–8 April 2011

Thai PBS 2009

Thai PBS (second era)

April 2011–present

Thai PBS 2011

Thai PBS
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