15-31 January 2008

TPBS 2008-test

Thai PBS (first era)

1 February- 30 April 2008

Thai PBS 2008-1

2008 (prototype)

Thai PBS 2008-YLS

Thai PBS 2008-Grafiq Kickazz

Thai PBS 2008-Sattabongkoat

Thai PBS 2008-NUAT

1 May 2008-14 January 2009

Thai PBS 2008-2

This logo, taken from the TV station identity design contest. The contest results on 24 February 2008 that the winning prize is KITWIN. The logo depicts a stylized pigeon with orange wings with the Thai word ไทย and the English translation, Thai PBS (organization name) directed at the top.

TV Thai

15 January 2009-8 April 2011

Thai PBS 2009

Thai PBS (second era)

April 2011-present

Thai PBS 2011

Thai PBS
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