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The CW
Designer:  Troika Design Group
Typography:  Custom (logo)
Stratum 2 (on-air) (2006-2008)
Gotham (on-air) (2008-2010)
Rockwell (on-air) (2010-2012)
ITC Avant Garde Gothic (on-air) (2010-2012)
Museo 900 (on-air) (2012-2015)
Gibson (on-air) (2012-2015)
Proxima Nova (on-air) (2015-2016)
Bourgeois (on-air) (2016-2021)
Design System (on-air) (2021-2024)
Launched:  September 18, 2006

The logo and identity for The CW were created by Troika Design Group.[1] The new logo was unveiled in May 2006, and The CW launched on September 18, 2006, formed by the merger of The WB and UPN. The logo, which consists of the letters "C" and "W" connected to one another (representing its two original primary owners CBS and Warner Bros.), has drawn comparisons to the logo for Warner Bros. Discovery-owned CNN.

On January 5, 2022, The Wall Street Journal reported that WarnerMedia and ViacomCBS (now Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global) were exploring a possible sale of either a majority stake or all of The CW, and that Nexstar Media Group (which became The CW's largest affiliate group when it acquired and absorbed former WB co-owner Tribune Broadcasting in 2019) was considered a leading bidder. The sale was completed on October 3, 2022.[2]

This logo continues to be used at the end of One Magnificent Morning bumpers and promos, The CW Plus, and on most stations after the rebrand as of today.


The CW 2024
Designer:  DixonBaxi
Typography:  Custom (logo)
F37 Bolton (on-air)
Launched:  January 14, 2024

On January 14, 2024, The CW launched a revised logo and branding created by the UK design agency DixonBaxi, with changes including a bolder stroke and the replacement of the green color used since 2006 with a new red-orange color called "hot sauce". The word "The" was removed from the logo, though the name of the network remains "The CW".[3] The new branding was first seen on December 6, 2023, in a promo for the upcoming CW/CBC co-production Wild Cards,[4] though it would not be officially announced until January 12, 2024, when the new branding would be timed at the 29th Critics Choice Awards.

The previous logo is still in use for the end of One Magnificent Morning bumpers and promos, The CW Plus, and on most stations.

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