The D-Generation

The D-Generation grew out of a series of comedy revues at Melbourne University. A one-hour pilot episode was made in 1985 but never made it to air. Several sketches from the pilot made it into the first season.


The first season ran for ten episodes starting 13 March and ending 15 May.

The D-Generation Season 1


For the second season, each episode had its own opening titles. This season ran for six episodes starting 30 April and ending 4 June. This was followed by four best-of episodes titled The Least Worst of The D-Generation which ran from 11 June to 2 July.


In 1988, The D-Generation moved to the Seven Network for a series of specials. The first airing 23 May and the fourth and final one airing 12 October 1989.

In 1992, The D-Generation returned to the ABC with their new sketch-comedy/variety series The Late Show.

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