The Jeremy Kyle Show Original Logo Small 2

The original logo is a slightly modified version of that of The Springer Show, the UK version of The Jerry Springer Show, which ran for one series in 2005. The Jeremy Kyle Show launched later in the same year and used the same set, logo and graphics (all recoloured from a red brown to a medium blue).




Later in the same year the graphics were modernised. The set remained largely the same as when it was used on 'The Springer Show'. The only differences (other than the blue lighting) was the grey floor being replaced by laminated wood. In 2006, the set was modernised. The side walls were changed from ascending wood panelling to padded blue rectangles, alternating in lightness. In 2007, the chairs were changed to the current design.



In 2008, the graphics were changed. The 'pods' at the sides of the set were modernised. In 2012 the set was changed completely for the first time since 2005. The back wall, which the audience sits in front of, remains unchanged from the from previous set.




In 2013, the logo was updated with a more 2005 feel to it.



In 2015, a brand new logo was released to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the show.



In 2016, the ten had been removed from the logo. However, the font and background remained mostly the same. A new set, heavily based on the previous, was introduced in 2017. The infamous chairs received lighter brown coverings. The show was canceled in 2019 due to a guest's death a week after filming an episode.

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