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1998-2004 2004-2007 2007-2017 2017-present

Keyworth Connection (first era)


Keyworth Connection (1998).png

This logo was used in the Barton livery, and started out as Keyworth Connection.

The Keyworth Connection


OLD Keyworth Connection logo.png

This route was the first one to have the new livery of the 'Trent Barton' insignia of 2004. Instead of it being red, and cream, it became cyan, and yellow.

Keyworth Connection (second era)


Keyworth Connection 2007.svg

The route returned to the original name from 1998, after three years of adding the word, 'the'. These buses were originally used for the new Calverton Connection name, but, was unfortunately cancelled. It went from cyan, and yellow - to plum-pink.

The Keyworth



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