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Zelda old logo.svg

This logo was only used in the north american and european cover-art of the original NES game.



The Legend of Zelda (Old logo).svg

First appearing on the English language version of A Link to the Past in 1991, this logo was used for all the North American and international releases of early Zelda games until the end of the N64 era.

1998–2002 (Japan), 2002–present (international)

The Legend of Zelda.svg

A modified design of the previous logo, with a different font on the The Legend of lettering and tweaked wordmark, debuted in the Japanese version of Ocarina of Time. It was only used in the japanese releases of Zelda games until 2002. With the launch of Wind Waker this logo began to be used internationally.

1998–2000, 2006–present

The Legend of Zelda (1).png

The 3D variant of the logo above originally appeared on the Japanese version of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It was later brought back in Twilight Princess, and since then it has been used in other Wii games such as: Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds (it was also used in their HD remakes and the 3DS Remasters of the Nintendo 64 games too).


Wordmark Zelda flat.svg

A flat variant of the logo with an orange outline was used only in Game Boy Color/Advance and DS games such as: Oracle of Seasons, Four Swords, The Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass.

2017, 2019

2017 logo.png

This alternate version of the logo was used on Breath of the Wild and Link's Awakening