Original logo created by therealduckie for the MCDisney Minecraft server in 2011

After originally building Walt Disney World on the Reddit server nerd.nu, the McDisney server was launched on August 11, 2011 by therealduckie.

McMagic Parks



In the February of 2012, the server was renamed McMagic after a vote by Guests and Cast Members. The name was created by Musie, known as xMusie.




On November 13, 2014 McMagic rebranded the server and every social site to a unified name known as MCMagicParks. The new logo included a promotional reference to MCProhosting, their exclusive host.



In 2015, the logo was slightly changed in order to separate the logo from the icon. The updated icon also removed the MCMagic logo from the upper right corner.


The Palace Network


The Palace Network.jpg

On November 18, 2016, MCMagicParks was sold, rebranded, and renamed The Palace Network.



On April 22, 2017, The Palace Network changed its logo.


In September of 2020, The Palace Network changed its logo, again. These logos were commissioned by Palace Network staff via nycole.art.

Palace Network Main.png

PN Logo.png

Palace Text Only.png

Palace Network Text Only.png

On July 9, 2021, The Palace Network server permanently closed, due to the allegations against the owner (Brant) which were confirmed with evidence. Other managers decided not to take ownership of the server. The official website was shut down, as well.

Imaginears Club

Imaginears Club Original Logo.png


In November 2016, therealduckie created Imaginears Club - A continuation of the original theme of creating Walt Disney World in Minecraft: Java Edition

In July of 2021, Imaginears Club re-aquired all of the original MCMagicParks maps, offering them to Guests for historical purposes.

Different revisions of the Imaginears Club logo have existed, over time.

Imaginears Club Simpler Logo.jpg

In 2018 they introduced a simpler logo, removing the Imaginears title from the upper right corner.

Imaginears Club Logo icon rainbow.png

In 2018, they introduced their first logo for Pride Month.

Imaginears Club Logo icon love.png

In 2019, it was updated again for Pride Month with a more predominant theme.

Imaginears Club logo icon 2020.png

In 2020, it was decided Imaginears Club would recognize Pride indefinitely, adding a more universal icon logo to all its social media, including Discord.

Imaginears logo large.png

Imaginears Club also uses a banner logo for other materials.