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Double 2


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Double 2

The yellow numeral 2 was replaced with a red numeral 2 with a yellow outline and a die on it.

Rainbow 2


Rainbow 2

Double 2 now goes yellow as of 2004, introducing a new Rainbow route, 'Rainbow 2'. The frequency of every 12 minutes replaced the 15 minute frequency and introduced the low floor buses.

The Two


The Two 2009

Rainbow 2 got a major makeover with: a new name, air con, leather seats and laminated floor. The frequency remained the same and it became The Two.


The Two 2015

As of October 25, 2015, The Two gets bigger buses, with: more seats, fast 4G wifi, USB sockets, audio stop announcements and a new frequency of every 10 minutes, instead of 12 to improve reliability.

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