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This article is about the children's musical group formed in 1991. For the TV series, between 1998 and 2000, see The Wiggles (TV series).

Not to be confused with Wiggles.

1991–1996, 2020

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The first Wiggles logo was just "The Wiggles" typed out in a specific font, and it was used from their first album from 1991 until late 1996. However in 2020, this logo made a surprise appearance in the The Wiggles at Carols in the Domain Video, which the logo is spotted on the big red car, which is basically called The Big Red Christmas Car, since it’s a Christmas video. See it here https://youtu.be/qfTVmGT-DBU


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By December 1996, the logo was redesigned with wiggly letters out of colours and with a yellow background (pictured), which is still in use today. The word 'The' is colored red, the 'i' 's tittle (dot above lowercase letter) is green, the 'L' is purple and leaving the other letters blue. However, in Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas the I is purple on the title screen, seen in 1997.

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