• Celcomtel-Proximanova
    Celcomtel-Proximanova closed this thread because:
    I have realised my mistake and will hereafter try to upload more SVGs.
    07:58, January 15, 2019

    Why you said on Telekom Deutschland's last edit there's should, at least, one non-SVG image while our admins said otherwise (did you even read the guidelines?). You aren't even an admin and always edited the page without regarding the standard on guidelines (e.g. Telia Company and Telekom's one) and stated your own rules but it's actually against the actual rules. This is my second warning to you: Be respectful and I'll pay you back. Thank you.

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    • Okay. Restore the SVG. Then the page will not have any thumbnail in the dynamic category view. That is a minor price to pay. At least this will prevent the usage of SVG needed¬†templates. I will leave it to you at this point. Let every image be an SVG hereafter.

      No more interference.

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    • Who really cares about a dynamic category view, it's not the only preferred way to navigate the category page, and also, it wouldn't affect the whole page though.¬†

      You know what? I'm really done with you. Do it what you want. Bye.

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    • If you're done with me, so be it.

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