• Please stop changing the dates in the headings of the Cartoon Network Studios article. The 1996 logo was used only in the What a Cartoon Show! and never before that.

    This logo here was used only the last episodes of the 1st season of Dexter's Laboratory (wich were released in January 1997)

    Cartoon Network Studios 1996

    This logo was used until 2001 and never in 2006.

    Cartoon Network Studios (2000-2001)

    Maybe you got confused because Korgoth of Barbaria uses a similar title-card but as you can see it doesn't have the same logo:

    Also, where did you get that this one was used in 2015? As it says in the article (based on my research) the logo was last used in The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed (wich was released in 2014). There hasn't been any show that used it in 2015.

    Cartoon Network Studios logo

    One last i want to ask you: don't call people TROLL beacuse they do edits that you don't like. There are a lot of users that are aware of real trolls or users with misinterpreted information that vandalize pages, and they try to prevent vandalism in this wiki. Anyway, next time you want to edit this page or another, give some source before to justify or I'll be forced to ask to any of the admins to block you or protect the page for excessive vandalism.

    I hope you understand and have a nice day.

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    • He's blocked for two weeks. If that happens again it is a permanent block for him. 

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    • Rodney16 wrote: He's blocked for two weeks. If that happens again it is a permanent block for him. 

      thanks for letting me know

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