• Here’s some advice:

    Pay attention to news stories

    They are there for a reason: To alert us of changes and events

    So with that said, we can’t know for sure how Paramount Pictures will handle the changes, they might go the 21st Century Fox route and have no byline or they might add a custom byline. I personally can’t say for sure as Paramount Pictures and ViacomCBS haven’t officially set anything in stone in regards on how to handle on screen logos, please take time to read this message, and not ignore it, I know it is difficult to receive criticism, but everyone makes mistakes and sometimes jump to conclusions, I remember that back when the Disney-21CF thing was still in the preparation stages, people were adding the Disney template to 20th Century Fox and its related subsidiaries without reading the news stories for legitimacy and accuracy about facts regarding the current happenings. Once again, please read over this message and respond to me when you have the chance.

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