• What is it with this kid Vincenzou that he feels a need to keep creating multiple sockpuppets to evade the blocks against him in order to continually vandalize numerous Canadian TV station/network articles? He even used one of his previous socks to leave a harassing post against me in response to my reverting of his vandalism edits (I told him off in response even though that sock had already been blocked), so between all that, he comes across as being little more than an immature child who has the mindset of "I can do whatever I want here!" even though he should know he can't. Is his ISP being contacted for an abuse report regarding what he's doing?

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    • We have other sockmasters on this wiki who continually show up, so Vincenzou is not the only one. As an admin I can only block a sockpuppet when it shows up. I don't have the ability to trace anyone's IP. There isn't much Fandom staff can do either other than issue a global ban, but they don't do it for everyone. I suggest you to send your concerns to Fandom staff and see what they have to say.

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