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Three is a New Zealand commercial network and the nation's first commercial TV channel. They are owned and operated by Discovery, Inc..


1989–2003 2003–2017 2017–present
1989–2003 2003–2017 2017–present



TV3 New Zealand original logo.svg

Three began broadcasting on 26 November 1989, it was known as TV3. Their first logo is the numeral 3 in green, with the red and blue ovals.


TV3 New Zealand logo.svg

On the 4th May 2003, TV3 introduced the three boxes; the silver fern (a renowned symbol of New Zealand) occupies the 2 left-hand boxes while the 3 occupies by third. This logo was similar in many ways to the current BBC logo.



Three (New Zealand) 2017.svg

On the 9th February 2017, TV3 unveiled a major rebrand. They truncated their name to Three and adopted a new logo and on-air presentation. The logo was largely panned by viewers upon its debut, particularly the stylisation of the name as "+HR=E".

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