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1946–1966 1966–1996 1996–2008 2008–2014 2014–present
1946–1966 1966–1996 1996–2008 2008–2014 2014–present



Tide is recognized for its distinctive orange-and-yellow bullseye logo. The original logo was designed by Donald Deskey, a famous industrial and identity designer. Tide was the first product to be nationally packaged using Day-Glo colors, strikingly eye-catching when first introduced. Currently, the Tide brand is given to over half a dozen powders and liquid detergents in the United States alone.


1966–1996, 1994-2003 (Russia)

Tide 1966.jpg


Tide logo.svg

The logo was slightly modified for the product's 50th anniversary in 1996. 


Tide logo.png

The logo was modified in 2008, making the yellow circle gradient, updating the font, and fixing the white space in the text.


Tide Logo RGB 2014.png

The gradient on the outer yellow circle is once again removed.

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