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1973–1979, 1984–1992 1979–1984 1992–1995 199?–200?
1973–1979, 1984–1992 1979–1984 1992–1995 199?–200?
1995–1998 1998–2010 2010–2016 2016–2017
1995–1998 1998–2010 2010–2016 2016–2017

Warner Cable Communications

1973–1979, 1984–1992

Warner Cable.svg

This logo used Warner Bros.' 1972 "Big W" logo.

Warner-Amex Cable


Warner Amex Cable Communications Inc.svg

In December 1979, American Express bought half of The Warner Cable Company for $175 million, leading to Warner Cable being renamed Warner-Amex Cable.

Time Warner Communications


Time Warner Communications.png

In 1992, Warner Cable changed its name to Time Warner Communications - two years after its parent Time Warner was founded in January 10, 1990 - incorporating an eye-ear logo (an element borrowed from the Time Warner logo) for the first time.


Time Warner Communications later logo.jpg
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This logo was merely used as the internal/corporate name for Time Warner Cable, after the rebranding of the service to the latter, on press releases and on internal systems.

Time Warner Cable


Time Warner Cable (Futura Font).svg

In 1995, Time Warner Communications rebranded its Time Warner Communications and American Television & Communications systems under the uniform brand Time Warner Cable. The Business Class division continued to use this logo until the acquisition of Charter Communications.


Time Warner Cable.svg


Time Warner Cable logo.svg
Designer:  Brand Union
Typography:  Stag Sans Round
Launched:  September 17, 2010

On September 17, 2010, Time Warner Cable introduced an updated logo. The eye-ear symbol was kept, but was redrawn, and the font was changed. The agency behind the refresh was Brand Union. Its new slogan "Enjoy Better" was launched as well.

On May 18, 2016, it was announced that Time Warner Cable was purchased by Charter Communications, only to be cancelled that very same day; in September, after the purchase of Charter and Bright House Networks, the company was marketed under the name Spectrum.

Time Warner Cable Spectrum


Time Warner Cable Spectrum.svg

On September 20, 2016, the logo of Time Warner Cable's website was changed to a transitional logo following Charter's acquisition of the company. This officially marked the beginning of Time Warner Cable's transition to the Spectrum brand, effectively marked the end of this branding as it was merged into Spectrum. The Time Warner Cable name would continue to be used by Spectrum in advertisments for a few more years.

Time Warner
Time Warner Cable