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2001-2008 2008-2014 2014-2019 2019-present
2001-2008 2008-2014 2014-2019 2019-present

Toggo is a German children's programming block that aired on Super RTL. aimed at children between the ages of for 6 to 13 years old that has been broadcast since 2001. The name was first introduced in the same year; previously, children's programs had already been shown in the regular program. The name of Toggo does not stand for an abbreviation, but represents a fantasy term.



Toggo Logo Alt.svg


2008 Toggo Logo.svg



Toggo 2013 Logo.svg

On January 4, 2014, Toggo got a new logo. The logo now replaces the station logo while the program window is being broadcast, but this has been integrated into the current one.


Toggo (2019).svg

The Toggo logo has been slightly changed since June 5, 2019. The logo is now dark orange and the color gradient has been removed. The text "VON SUPER RTL" under the logo has also been removed.

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