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1997–1999 1999 1999–2000 2000–2003, 2017 2003–2004 2004–2007, 2012–2013 2007–2008
1997–1999 1999 1999–2000 2000–2003, 2017 2003–2004 2004–2007, 2012–2013 2007–2008
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2013–2014, 2015 2014–2015 2015–2016 2016–2018 2018–2019 2019–present

1997–2008 (Cartoon Network)


Toonami logo - 1997.svg

Toonami was launched on March 17, 1997.


Toonami logo 1999 - 1.svg

On the day ReBoot premiered on Cartoon Network, this logo was used briefly in 1999.


Toonami logo 1999 - 2.svg

This logo was introduced when TOM made his debut.

2000–2003, 2017

Toonami logo.svg

This logo was also used for Kids' WB block with the same name from 2001 to 2002. This logo was selected by fans on Toonami's Facebook page to be re-used to celebrate Toonami's 20th anniversary on March 18, 2017 until April 15, 2017.


Toonami logo - 2003.svg


Toonami print.svg



2012–present (Adult Swim)


Toonami print.svg

When Toonami relaunched on Adult Swim (the nighttime programming block on Cartoon Network), the 2007 logo was brought back. This is a print logo, also used on Toonami's Tumblr page and online advertisements.

2013–2014, 2015

Toonami logo - 2013.svg

At MomoCon 2013, Toonami staff announced that the overall design of the block would be changed. The staff would later confirm online that the block will receive the new look on April 27. With the premiere of Intruder II on November 7, 2015, the logo type returned temporally in red. On December 12, there was not a logo due to the "system rebooting" in Toonami.


Toonami 2014 logo.svg

On April 5, 2014, Toonami staff online teased that they "have some goodies" for the viewers. The new look debuted on April 6.


Toonami 2015.svg

This logo debuted on December 19, 2015, and was constructed from a modified version of the Krona One typeface.


Toonami 2016.png

Logopedia Info.svg

This logo debuted on November 26, 2016. The actual logo's color is light blue, but when it is put in front of a white background it is very difficult to see.


Toonami mid-2018 logo.png

On June 2, 2018, a new logo debuted to coincide with the debut of FLCL Progressive.



On December 14, 2019, a new logo and branding debuted after the events of the Total Immersion Event The Forge and the debut of TOM 6.0.

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