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TOTP2 - 94-98

Top of the Pops 2 (or TOTP2 for short) launched in 1994 thanks to a successful 1991 repeat airing of the TOTP 1973 christmas special, and continuing successful repeats of late 70's and 80's episodes of TOTP on satellite channel UK Gold. Prior to these airings, TOTP had never been repeated in any fashion. TOTP2 featured archive performances from previous episodes of TOTP from the shows launch to the modern day.

The title sequence featured an unknown musical track while the camera panned quickly through shots of things related to music such as speakers and microphones.


TOTP2 - 98-01

To mark the then forthcoming millennium, a new 1960s inspired look was introduced. The title sequence comprised simply of coloured shapes flying across a white background before forming the Top of the Pops 2 logo, which used the BBC Two '2' logo for the 2. While the main show was a 'drum and bass' remix of Whole Lotta Love, TOTP2 used the original CCS version.


TOTP2 - 01-03

In 2001, the TOTP2 title sequence was remade to be in 3D, at the same time as the main shows, while TOTP and TOTP2 returned to BBC Television Centre . TOTP was now made in widescreen, but as TOTP2 featured only archive performances, it was not deemed necessary until a sufficient number of widescreen episodes of TOTP were produced. The '2' changed in the logo, but the same theme music was kept.


TOTP2 - 03-06

While the main TOTP got a new title sequence in November 2003, it wasn't until December that TOTP2 got it's rebrand. The title sequence consisted of circles being fired into the centre of the screen in varing colours before forming the TOTP2 logo, and the show was now made in widescreen. The show was cancelled in 2005, with the last episode being a christmas special. The music was kept the same as the 1998-2001 and 2001-2003 title sequences.


TOTP2 - 06-13

The show returned in September 2006, after the cancellation of the main TOTP show in July 2006. The same theme music was kept, although the TOTP 2003-2006 title sequence was used (a electronic cityscape within which a single dancing silhouette can be seen), albeit in purple instead of orange. A few 'flashes' of some of the original TOTP logos appear during the sequence as well.


TOTP2 - 13-Present

The title sequence is exactly the same as the current TOTP sequence (Panning over silver titles while shots of the original titles play in the background, while the CCS version of Whole Lotta Love plays), except TOTP is replaced with TOTP2.

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