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Tottus is the Peruvian supermarket brand with Chilean capital, owned by Falabella S.A.



Tottus Logo Antiguo
The first Tottus logo was nine balls arranged in a square-like manner, eight were light green and normal green and the middle ball was blue, at the end of the nine balls, the name "TOTTUS" in an Arial Black and blue typeface with an "O" in the form of a perfect circle and below, the word "HIPERMERCADO" in Helvetica Black typeface, also in blue. This logo would be the basis of the coming logos over the years.


Tottus 2006
In 2006, an adjustment was made to the traditional nine-ball logo, changing the green and blue colors to entirely green hues (the border balls are lemon yellow and light green and the middle ball dark green), the text to the right of the balls undergoes a change of color, becoming light green and below, the word "HIPERMERCADO" becomes a regular green and with the typography changed to Arial.


In November 2007, the final face wash was done. The nine balls of green tones are modified slightly in their color tone, the word "HIPERMERCADO" is permanently eliminated in order to stop being linked to large hypermarkets and the word "TOTTUS" becomes the same size of nine balls.
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