Not to be confused with the original non-Sony production company TriStar Pictures, which existed for a short period between 1979 and 1980.
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1984–1993 1991–1993 1993 1993-2015 2015–present
1984–1993 1991–1993 1993 1993-2015 2015–present

Tri-Star Pictures


Tri-Star Pictures 1984.svg

Tri-Star Pictures was originally founded in 1982 as a briefly-unnamed joint venture between Columbia Pictures, HBO, and CBS. It was later officially named under its original name on May 16, 1983, but did not start using a logo until 1984.

TriStar Pictures


TriStar Pictures 1991.svg

Tri-Star Pictures was renamed as TriStar Pictures under Sony Pictures Entertainment in 1991, with the hyphen removed from its name. This logo was only used either at the endings or trailers of films released by the studio, but the 1984 on-screen logo is still used until 1993.


TriStar Pictures 1993.svg

This was only used as an early closing logo.


TriStar Pictures.svg


TriStar Pictures present day logo.svg

In 2015, the wordmark was changed to be more accurate to the on-screen logo.