The original version of Turner Classic Movies' logo featured 30 different character designs that could be placed above the TCM "marquee", each representing a different movie category. This logo is no longer in full-time use, however it is still seen in feature presentation bumpers for movies airing between 3-6 a.m. ET, as well as feature presentation bumpers for the Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports feature blocks on Sundays. The logo was created by Minneapolis-based Charles S. Anderson Design Co.


TCM logo

In 2007, TCM simplified its logo by removing the characters.


TCM 2009



In 2013, TCM received a new graphical identity. Following the footsteps of AMC, TCM changed its logo to a colored box – in this case, light blue – without a border. The new identity was designed by Ferroconcrete.



In 2015, TCM become a ad supported, and began to air paid commercials, also, the channel changed its focus from classic movie channel to classic entertainment channel.

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