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UEFA Champions League (1992).svg

In 1992, the group stage of The European Cup was renamed UEFA Champions League, the logo consists in the star ball with the words CHAMPIONS LEAGUE at the bottom of the logo, and was utilized during the 24 matches played from 25 November 1992 to 21 April 1993.


UEFA Champions League (1993).svg

In 1993, the UEFA words was added to the logo, but it was used until the appearance of the 1995 UEFA logo. In 1993-1994 season the UEFA Champions League logo was utilized during the group stage and semi-finals matches, from 1994-1995 season the logo is utilized for all matches (including the Final).


UEFA Champions League (1995).svg

In 1995, The logo has slightly modified. The star ball has been changed direction from left to right. The UEFA logo was added to the logo.


UEFA Champions League (1997).svg

At the time of this logo from 1997, the monochromatic version of the logo retired the curve of the star ball and updated from some reasons. The current version of the intro was used since 2006 (now used presently). The logo was retired in 2012, due to the introduction of the new UEFA logo.


UEFA Champions League (2012).svg

Due to the introduction of the new UEFA logo, the logo has been updated in 2012.


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