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The United Paramount Network (UPN) was founded in 1995 as a joint venture between Chris-Craft Broadcasting (which operated the network) and Viacom (whose Paramount Television division supplied programming). Each company owned 50 percent apiece of UPN.



The logo was originally colored to show a yellow circle, a blue triangle, and a red square.


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In 2000, shortly after Viacom completed its merger with CBS, Viacom bought out Chris-Craft's remaining stake in the network.


UPN logo

Starting with this logo, the Paramount connections were de-emphasized and the network was exclusively and officially referred to as "UPN". At the start of 2006, Viacom and CBS Corporation were split, with the latter gaining control of UPN.

This was the last logo UPN used before the network, as such, folded and was merged with The WB to form the present-day The CW network.

Paramount Network

2000 (unused)

Paramount networklogo

Viacom, the new owners of the UPN, had plans to relaunch the United Paramount Network as simply the "Paramount Network" using a logo based on the Paramount Pictures logo which contained the triangle which had "P" for Paramount in the UPN logo. Those plans were abandoned after UPN affiliates complained it would have confused viewers and diminished viewership.

In 2018, American cable network Spike changed its name to Paramount Network.

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