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1st UPS

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UPS's first logo had an eagle on it, as seen above, carrying a tied package in its talons.




UPS logo 1961

UPS's third logo was created by Paul Rand in 1961.


United Parcel Service logo

After more than four decades with the same logo, UPS introduced a new shield on March 25, 2003. It was created with FutureBrand and didn't include the bow-tied package featured in the former logo. The previous logo continued to be used until 2007 even though this one was launched 4 years earlier. They also a new custom font created with FutureBrand called 'UPS Sans'.


United Parcel Service logo 2D

In 2014, a new 2D version of the 2003 logo was launched. It continues to be used in tandem with the 3D logo.

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