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Ulster Television


Ulster logo 1959

Ulster Television's first logo from 1959, used for ten years.


UTV Symbol 1969

Ulster Television abandoned the 1959 logo in 1969 and launched their all new telly logo.


UTV Logo 1969

The logo for Ulster Television now used the text with the channel name.


Utv 1970s

In 1980, the telly symbol was put on a stick. This was later nicknamed the Telly on a stick.


Utv 1980s

In 1988, CGI was brought to the logo and the print colours were added. The color blue was used on the logo due to the background is different.



Ulster Television did not use its variation of the generic ITV logo.



UTV logo 1993

In 1993, Ulster Television changed it's name to UTV and it's logo along with that.



UTV logo

This logo was first used when their Christmas idents were introduced on December 11, 2000.



UTV relaunched its presentation on January 1, 2010 by introducing a new set of scenery idents, as well as updating promotional presentation, which now features a 3D version of the 2000 logo.


UTV 2012

UTV updated its idents on October 11, 2011, returning to rural scenes from across the province and featuring a new jingle. The presentation was updated slightly to incoroprate the station’s new slogan “Part of U”. This logo now has a gloss effect.


UTV 2016

On 23 March 2016, UTV revealed their new logo which closely matches that of the 2013 rebrand of ITV. The logo change was part of a £100 million takeover of the network by ITV completed in February. The new logo was launched on air on 17 October of that year.

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