Launched on 5 August 2004[1], Udaya News, previously Udaya Varthegalu (Varthegalu meaning News), was the first 24-hour Kannada news channel.

Due to insurmountable financial losses, it and Telugu sister channel Gemini News stopped all news programming in October 2017, but remained on air for several months before shutting down on 1 February 2019; Udaya News will be replaced by Sun Marathi later.

Udaya Varthegalu


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Udaya News


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The Sun TV Network announced in August 2017 that it would axe its Kannada-language Udaya News division after 19 years[2][3], as it was not performing up to expectations, and due to the increasing competition by other news channels. (Udaya TV had broadcast news since 1998, while Udaya News, the full-fledged news channel, was launched in 2004.) A similar announcement was made for Gemini News in October 2017.[4]

Even though it was announced Udaya News was to be shut down on 24 October 2017[5], and even though all news programming stopped in October 2017, the two channels themselves remained on air for several months, showing old shows of Gemini TV and Udaya TV, ‘flashback’ songs from old Kannada and Telugu movies and other variety programmes.

On 1 February 2019, Udaya News ceased transmission for good, and its frequency will be used to launch Sun Marathi later in 2019.[6] Gemini News also stopped broadcasting on 1 February, and its frequency was used to launch Sun Bangla on 3 February.[7]