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Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It was formed by the merger of Dutch food company Margarine Unie and British soap manufacturer Lever Brothers (the latter remain as a household products subsidiary of the then-new company) on 9 September 1929.

It manufactures food and drink products, beauty and personal care products, and home care products. It operates many brands in nearly 200 countries worldwide, making it one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, along with Procter & Gamble, and food manufacturers, along with Nestlé.


Unilever logo old.svg

Despite being established for more than 40 years since 1929, Unilever got its first corporate logo in 1967. It consisted of two vertical arrows which formed letter U resembling twin towers, as well as a simple serif Unilever text.

The logo was rarely shown on the label of its products. However, it made appearances at the end of commercials in some countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia throughout the era. 


Unilever 2004.svg
Designer:  Wolff Olins
Typography:  Custom typeface

In May 2004, Unilever revealed a new logo that replaced the dated-looking 1967 logo. Unilever had decided to promote their corporate image more prominently on their products and felt that the old logo was too corporate and not friendly enough.

The new logo contains a big letter U which is made up of 25 icons that represent various aspects of the company's activities, with Unilever written in a script font underneath. The new identity was developed by Wolff Olins.

The logo has appeared at the end of the television commercials in the form of a white ribbon tag on the top corner throughout the 2010s and the 3D white box since 2020.

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