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1912–1914 1919–1923 1923–1927 1927–1936 1936–1947 1946–1960 1960–1963
1912–1914 1919–1923 1923–1927 1927–1936 1936–1947 1946–1960 1960–1963
1963–1965 1965–1973 1973–1990 1990 (75th anniversary logo) 1991–1997 1997–1999 1998–1999
1963–1965 1965–1973 1973–1990 1990 (75th anniversary logo) 1991–1997 1997–1999 1998–1999
1999–2005 2005–2010 2009–2012 2012 (100th anniversary logo) 2013–present
1999–2005 2005–2010 2009–2012 2012 (100th anniversary logo) 2013–present

Universal Film Manufacturing Company



Universal Pictures was founded on April 30, 1912 as The Universal Film Manufacturing Company or simply Universal Films.

Universal Pictures (first era)



In 1914, they renamed the studio to Universal Pictures, which was still Universal Films. Also, it was part of The Trans-Atlantic Film Company Limited.


Universal logo 1923.jpg

In 1923, they made another logo which features a biplane which is flying around the globe.



In 1927, they made another logo that features the biplane but this time, instead of reading Universal Pictures it reads A Universal Picture.


Universal Pictures (1944).png

In 1936, they made the logo spin and the spinning words A Universal Picture appears.

Universal International



Universal logo 1946.jpg

In 1946, they renamed the studio to Universal International until 1963.



In 1960, they made the globe smaller and the words Universal International bigger.

Universal Pictures (second era)



A universal picture with edward maul.jpg

In 1963, they renamed the studio back to Universal Pictures. On the bottom left, it has Edward Muhl's name on it.



In 1965, they removed Edward Muhl's name on the bottom left.


Universal Pictures (December 14, 1979).jpg

In 1973, a byline was added and it was An MCA Company.


1990 (75th anniversary logo)

Universal logo old 2.png
Designer:  The Chandler Group
Flip Your Lid Animation
Typography:  Copperplate Gothic
Also known as:  90's MCA Globe
75th Anniversary Globe
75 Years of Universal

In 1990, The logo was reimagined as a 21-second CG-animated curtain raiser, made by The Chandler Group and Studio Productions (now known as Flip Your Lid Animation) (the same company that made the 1986-2002 Paramount Pictures logo and the 1994-2010 20th Century Studios logo), for the studio's 75th anniversary. The theatrical logo began with clips of the 1927-1936 and 1936-1946 movie logos and the previous logo, respectively before it segued into the 75th anniversary logo complete with a majestic orchestral fanfare by James Horner. It made it's debut on Back to the Future: Part III and made its final appearance on A Kiss Before Dying.



In 1991, It's the same logo but they made the (R) (registered symbol) bigger. It made it's debut on Backdraft and made it's final appearance on Mchale's Navy (1997 film). It later made a surprise appearance in The Thing (2011 film), but without the MCA byline.



Designer:  Identica Partnership
Typography:  Copperplate Gothic
Also known as:  Glittering Globe
Shimmering Globe
Transparent Globe

In 1997, the logo was updated with a more advanced CGI animation, done by Identica. Also, the logo had a new, majestic orchestral fanfare, composed by Jerry Goldsmith. It made its debut in The Lost World: Jurassic Park, although trailers and TV spots use the previous logo instead of the 1997 logo.


Logopedia InfoWhite.svg BETTER LOGO NEEDED

In 1998, a URL was added and it reads www.universalstudios.com


Universal Pictures (1999).jpg

In 1999, the Universal City Studios copyright stamp was removed.


Universal Pictures (2005).png

In 2005, the logo was slightly modified, making the colors more vivid, the textures more detailed and the font of the URL changed to Helvetica.


Universal Pictures 2009-2012.jpg

In 2009, the URL was changed to a byline reading A Division Of NBC Universal.


2012 (100th anniversary logo)

Universal Pictures 2012.png
Designer:  Weta Digital
Typography:  Modified Copperplate Gothic (sans-serif)
Also known as:  Centennial Globe
Comcast Globe
100 Years of Universal

In 2012, the logo was updated again but this time with an ever more advanced CGI animation designed by Weta Digital and a reorchestrated version of the previous logo's fanfare complete with a choir, composed by Brian Tyler, for the studio's 100th year celebration. Also, the former byline was changed to A Comcast Company. It made its debut on The Lorax, produced by Illumination Entertainment.



In 2013, it's just the normal logo and it's still A Comcast Company. This logo was showcased in the trailer of Despicable Me 2, seen at the end of Universal's Cinematic Spectacular: 100 Years of Movie Memories at Universal Studios Florida and debuted in Identity Thief.

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