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1994-1996 1996 1996-2001 2001-2006 2006-2008

Uranio TV was a Peruvian musical television channel broadcast from November 21, 1994 to August 15, 2008 and was owned by Grupo ATV.

Uranio 15



The first logo of the channel was a black "U" with some rounded edges, above the left part of the letter, a red square with the word "uranio" in cream yellow and underneath, the word "TV".

February-november 1996

LaTele1996 1.png

Between February and November 1996, the 1994 logo was modified, the "U" is now blue, the rectangle is now a gradient opaque orange, the channel name changes its typography, it becomes white with black and shaded edges and the word "TV" uses a similar design, but without the shadow.

November 1996-2006

November 1996-2001

LaTele1996 2.png

In November 1996 the channel changed its logo to that already remembered by many.

This consisted of a sloping "U", with blue square edges surrounded by black lines, and behind it, another "U" with the same characteristics, but in a degraded orange color.

Underneath, the name "Uranio 15" in Eurostile Bold Extended typeface in black and underneath, the word "television" in separate letters and in AvantGarde Light typeface.

Uranio TV



In 2001, the channel was renamed Uranio TV and the 1996 logo was modified, removing the word "television" below the logo and changing the "15" with the word "TV".



In 2006, the logo of the square "U" was modified both in the shadows and in its colors, in addition, the word "Uranio" appears in dark blue and above, the word "TV".

In 2008, Uranio TV was replaced by La Tele.

Uranio TV
La Tele