Admiral Sven
Formerly Toohak113
Call me Magnus, Sven or whatever

I am an administrator on Logopedia who has been engaged with it since 2010 back when it first started, however I have only joined 9 years later.  I am passionate for logos, and this wiki has been useful to me for a long time.

My area of wiki expertise is grammar, and I regularly correct SPaG errors on Logopedia and Wikipedia.

I also blog on this thing.

If you'd like to chat, please don't be afraid to leave a message on my talk page.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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About me

  • Sixteen years old, from the UK.
  • Currently waiting to get to Finland on a one-way ticket
  • Speaks Spanish, English and Finnish and learning Welsh and Icelandic
  • Admin since 27 December, 2020
  • Worked on the wiki for a while in 2010 when it first started out, edited anonymously from time to time
  • Hates UCP
  • Hates vandals
  • Democratic socialist and political nut
  • Big Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? fan and presents a fan version of the 1999 UK format
  • Bristol City supporter, great-great-uncle helped the club through difficult years
  • Balkan and Scandinavian history nut
  • Vexillology (science of flags) fan
  • Loves Finland and Iceland and I want to move to one of them as soon as realistically possible 🇫🇮🇮🇸

How I found this place out

In case you have any doubts on my claim of being here since 2010, I encourage you to read this short paragraph in order to squeeze any inch of doubt you may have.

Having seen logos for a long time, whether that was through watching TV (my family moved to 16:9 digital relatively early, so I was used to seeing DOGs) or just seeing them as I walked around (when I was around 1 year old, the house number 87 in Times New Roman was a simple design I liked), I went to try and find a logo for a little PowerPoint I was doing for no reason (as I did when I was young). In doing so, I happened to stumble across Logopedia. It seemed as if it had only been set up recently. So I just grabbed a few logos. I remembered the name and over the next few weeks and then months I came back to it. I saw it grow. I remember it hitting 10,000 pages extremely well. People wanted to work on this project. I did as an anonymous editor for a while (as I was using my mother's computer and I was only about six at the time, I was a little wary about creating accounts, etc). I kept checking back on it and saw it grow steadily. I was quite proud of this little wiki. I finally did sign up in 2019 and, as they say, the rest is history.

My favourite logos

I prefer logos with cold colours.

Powergen old.svg

I do find this logo aesthetically pleasing. The lady in the logo seems understanding and puts one's mind very much at ease.

Logopedia 2010 logo.svg

This is the logo I used to see when I was around in Logopedia's earliest days. It reminds me of the wiki's good old days. I first became involved in June 2010, you see, when I started editing anonymously.

The Football League 1988 2004 .svg

One of my all-time favourite logos. The simplicity of this modern design and all its meaning strikes a chord with me.

WWTBAM Logo 1998.png

This logo was created masterfully. Intertwining the pound signs with the question marks was the mark of a true logo genius.

Language Studies Institute.jpg

I don't quite know why I like this logo but I do. I think it's for the same reason as the Powergen logo.

My least favourite logos

Avon county council.svg

What is this logo even supposed to be?!? Poorly-designed, typical Friday afternoon stuff. Tragedy of a logo.

Leeds United 2018 logo (unused)

Leeds United logo (introduced 2018).svg

I can see why their fans hated it.

Albertville 1992 mascot "Magique"

Magique (mascot).png

It's not exactly a logo, but it still needs pointing out just how bad this mascot is.

No. Just NO.

Atlanta 1996 mascot "Izzy"

Izzy Atlanta 96.png

Again not exactly a logo but when you decide to stop showcasing your culture in your Olympic mascot, this is unfortunately what happens.

More to come :-)

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