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I am BoyzillaYT (formerly XKNDGamerX until June 28, 2020), a Logopedia user since August 25, 2018. I like Samsung phones, phone collecting, Brawl Stars, South Park, Clash of Clans, Codename: Kids Next Door (hence the KND in my old name), Logopedia, FANDOM, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and more. I hate cyberbullies, hackers, and similar.

My Brawl Stars club: Just Kings

My Brawl Stars name: Boyzilla_YT

Discord: Boyzilla

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MediaShopWMSP, WCYN-FM, Comedy Central Extra (Balkans), Especial vem ai, WIBR, Shadow Traffic ProductionsWBRW, KIKR, KBEDWXQWWGOK, WQGN-FM, KTIK (AM), WYMB, WXTA, WXSM, WWKI, TruTV (Asia), WSSO, WSMS, WMXU, WQUT, WPEZWMGB, WKOS, WJCW, WGOC, WMDH-FM, KYNG, KMCK-FM, KZEL-FM, KYYI, KYKZ, Kinder Chocolate (International), KXZZ, KUGN, KSCR (AM), Genius (Germany), Amish in the City, KQLK, KKGB, WLTI, Titans Radio NetworkDisney Junior (India), WATV, Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, WYDE (AM)2019, A+E Networks UK, College Basketball on ABC, The Beat, PGA Tour on ABC, Ledo, Android Browser

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