About me

Working to improve Logopedia with new logos and corrections of factual descriptions, with a focus on:

  • Companies and topics from my home country, India, particularly large multinational conglomerates and Indian television broadcasters/channels. My favourite page in Logopedia is the Indian Brands page, which becomes the homepage Theme of the Day on 15 August every year.
  • Brands from all around the globe, especially their country brand pages.

My favourite pages

Nothing excites me as much as learning more about brands from all over the world, and ensuring that as many countries as possible (not just India) have a better representation on Logopedia!

You can find a list of Logopedia’s date-specific Theme of the Day pages below (current as of October 2021). These are what I enjoy editing the most since 2021.

Logopedia’s date-specific Theme of the Day pages.png
Logopedia’s date-specific Theme of the Day pages Map.png
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