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Favorite logos

Staples (1994–2019)

This is one of those designs that you're upset you didn't think of. The 'L' character doubles as a staple with a bent leg, even without the context of the full wordmark or the fact it's for an office retailer.

Honestly, The fact it was killed off in 2019 is to me one of the great tragedies of graphic design. I thought it would have lasted even though it was ditched incrementally in Australia in 2017 (although here, the business was sold off and renamed Winc), and Canada in 2018. It's immensely unjust that a design THIS GOOD can still be confined to history.

But then again, that's a credit to how good is was. It's forever stapled to your head.

Staples 1994.svg


Oh, this one's great. You see the side of a mouse, then you see the aircraft tailfin. You connect the dots: it's an airline booking website. It's also one of a few remaining champions of skeuomorphism in a minimalistic world of design. Also, tell me you don't want a mouse that looks like that. It's tantamount to design malpractice that they haven't made that already!

The logo's been redone twice, but the best looker of the three versions was from 2010–2012. For some reason in 2012, they changed the tail ensign to a straight-laced lowercase type. It doesn't ruin the logo, but it's the slightest bit less interesting because of it.

Not much else to it. It just clicks.

Webjet 2010.png

SA Great (1984–199?)

C'mon, you even seen anything more 80s than this?

The shape itself is pretty simple, but the cutouts at the bottom really make this look like South Australia, albeit a slightly distorted version of itself. Also, the font; retro as. Also also, the colour palette, VERY primary. If you didn't know this was a region pride-building campaign, you'd be tempted to think it was for a pizza chain. And if you ever visit South Australia, you'll see it's still celebrated amongst many locals.

Not many designs carry a timestamp of when they were made. But SA Great truly was a sign of the times.


RPC Televisión

RPC have been using the Huaca in their logo for years, but this most recent look is the biggest leap forward of its history, and the best thus far.

I really dig the line art look and amount of detail here, especially for an icon that's reduced to a watermark most of the time. Also, I reckon it's unique that they've managed to successful implement a national symbol in the station logo. This is opposed to a stylised numeral, generic swoosh and whatnot as is the case practically everywhere else. The typeface is also appropriately reserved.

No, I don't have a pun for this one. Move along!



Being an Aussie, this is a brand I know well. I actually remember first seeing this new look, thinking it's a quantum leap beyond their prior logo, as if they shifted gears practically overnight.

It's an apple, AND a "W" at the same time. It's bright. It's got a nice typeface. It has a nice script font for the tagline; a font that took WAY too long to nail. (the logo made FF Cocon look good, but it was never gonna last.)

This logo easily clocks in as one of the country's best pieces of corporate design and I don't see it disappearing anytime soon. In short, it's timelessly...


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And some honourable mentions.

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