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Welcome to my user page. You can see my contributions, my uploads or send me a e-mail here. If you want to leave a message on my talk page or visit my user page on Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Commons.

About me

Well folks, I think that here I do not need to submit my name as you normally do because they're up there in the title. I live in Guarulhos, nearby the São Paulo city, located in the same metropolitan area, bordering the North and Lest Zones of São Paulo. You can find in Guarulhos the São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (maybe your flight pass in this airport, if you come to Brazil), residences, industries, commerces, the Tietê Ecological Park and the Cantareira State Park. See also this link, if I have forgotten something.

Currently I have 19 years old and I joined to Wikia in June 2011, when I created the Telepedia Wiki, a wiki about television. Telepedia Wiki is available in Portuguese and Spanish languages.

I mainly edit articles related to media, such as television programmes, radio stations and so on. I t also edit articles related to computers, internet and business, and sporadically about politics.

You can also learn more about me by visiting my website, available in gabriel.jor.br (in Portuguese).

Articles created by me

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