Hal Homsar Solo

aka Hazel

  • I live in San Francisco, California
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Future Graphic Designer and Voice Actress
  • I am Female
  • Sorry I'm not too active, I just don't log in very often. I need a life, too.
  • Wait, when did we changed our skin color?
  • A vandal on this wiki got his revenge on me in another wiki...

Hel-lo! What's the dealio? I'm Hal Homsar Solo NickelbackFan37, or NBF37 for short. I am an administrator and the founder's best friend. I have a huge love for logos. I'm usually on to create new pages, and create new categories. I was promoted to admin on August 14. If any vandalism is spotted, or if there is a problem, plz contact me on my talk page. Kthxbai.

A bit about me

  • See my wiki-blog.
  • Current avatar: Doraemon

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Articles I've created

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Bay Area logos

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NickelbackFan37 Like a good neighbor, State Farm is here!

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