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My favorite logos

Here is a list of the best logos I've seen.

UPS (1961-2003)

UPS logo 1961

As a logo, this beats the "brown shield" design we see nowadays, but the current identity is actually an improvement.

Nickelodeon (1984-2009)

Nickelodeon logo

The famous splat we all miss shaped Nickelodeon for a quarter of a century.

Cingular (2000-2007)

Cingular logo

R.I.P. Cingular. I miss old phones. And that's not all that made the late company's logo iconic. It's a symbol of connection and happiness.

Walmart (1992-2008)

Wal-Mart 1992

This wasn't the best logo ever, but it was totally different from those of other stores. I think the 2008 update was unnecessary and not unique.

YouTube (2005, 2011)

YouTube Logo

YouTube's logo is really good. I can't really describe it more. And the 2011 update just makes it better.

Comedy Central (2011)

Comedy Central 2011 stacked

Wow. This was the best TV identity update I had ever seen. The half right side up, upside down logo is the perfect symbol of "comedy". Great job, CC!

Nickelodeon (2009)

Nickelodeon (2009)

Yes, this infamous logo that killed the splat also makes the list. But as much as we miss the old logo, you've got to admit this is a good design. And I just LOVE the animation of this logo shown at the end of programs.

JCPenney (2012)

Jcp 2012 logo detail

After 41 long years, JCPenney has finally created a logo that reflects the company. It wants you to know that it's America's favorite department store.

Starbucks (2011)

Starbucks logo 2011

This looks great on their cups.

AOL (2009)

200px-AOL logo svg

I only started using AOL recently, and I love their homepage. It's just fun to click on that refresh button over and over again to see new pictures behind the logo, which is white. America Online actually has a place in the 2010s.

My least favorite logos

Yep. There are a whole bunch of logos that I really hate, as well.

Capital One (2008)


First of all, why is there a swoosh in 2008? Why? And what is with those moronic fonts? This is not the 1980s.

Sears (2010)

Sears 2010

All the logo change since 2004 has slowly worn away the once-classic identity of Sears, Roebuck & Co. And now we're left with WTF!? I just want to punch this logo in the face.

Sherwin Williams (2002)

Sherwin Williams new logo

This is plain weird. The icon, which looks like it belongs to a mediocre family business, suggests that Sherwin Williams has no care for the environment. If they could just get rid of it or something, I would actually like it.

MasterCard Worldwide (2009)

220px-Mastercard Worldwide Logo.svg

Since this logo is only used for the company and not for the cards themselves, there wasn't a big discussion when this logo came out. But I don't get all the coloring and stuff. Why is there a big brown blur? It's like someone spilled some paint on it and called it "art". I hate the fonts too. I keep thinking: why can't they just be weighted the same?

Gap (October 2010)

Gap logo in October 2010

Contrary to what the design community said while this logo was active, the Blue Box logo is far from iconic. It actually did need a change. But they seriously could have done better than THIS! The worst part of the story is that it shattered the design community temporarily, and they began to hate ANY logo change, such as the decent update of MySpace's identity.

P.S. If you were to ask me to give this logo a rating, I would rate it "almost nearly as bad as Sears".

Pepsi (2008)

Pepsi logo (2008)

I think the jokes people put on this logo are dumb. But that doesn't make it any better. We were through with the 2D days of the Pepsi ball by 1997, and now it's returned with an ally... a lowercase wordmark. Neither of those look good on a can in the 21st century. I loved it when the logo screamed "ICE COLD PEPSI!" at us. Now it just gives us a creepy smile.

Payless ShoeSource (2006)

200px-Payless ShoeSource Logo svg

Everything about Payless needs to be overhauled. Its stores, its employees, and this freak of a logo. Does that icon imply they sell embryos? What's worse is that they said the old logo looked too '80s. I think it was perfectly fine and they never had to change it. Luckily they haven't updated many of their locations, even in 2012.

JCPenney (1971-2011)


Like I said above, the first logo doesn't communicate ANYTHING about the store. I wouldn't even call it a logo. It's just a word with color on it.

JCPenney (2011-2012)

Jcpenney 2011 Logo

The second logo is a good try and far better than the original. However the "breaking out of the box" design only looks like it says "jcp enney". Weird.

MSN (2009)

MSN logo 2009

While AOL is an amazing site even today, there is another web portal on the other side of the internet that is not so good... say hello to the Microsoft Network, or MSN for short. We know that all Microsoft logos kinda suck, except maybe Internet Explorer's, but THIS is seriously incomprehensible. It's another dumb font like Sears, and why is the butterfly lopsided?! And why are the stalks on the M and N so short? This logo is totally inferior to the previous.

Walmart (2008)


Actually I like the name Walmart better than Wal-Mart, but this logo is simply ridiculous. Nothing about Walmart's tough image has changed -- why change the logo? And nothing about the store makes me happy like that sunburst.

Both Kraft Foods logos (2009)

Kraft 2009
Kraft logo

Above: Dumb redesign. Below: Dumb re-redesign.

Kraft must look up to Walmart for logo redesigning. Their plan for a "friendly logo" must look something like this:

Step 1: Turn the logo lowercase.

Step 2: Lighten the font weight.

Step 3: Add a smile. (This is known by us designers as a dreaded "swoosh".)

Step 4: Put in lots and lots of colors!

And all that really does is make the snack giant look like a wannabe brand.

Verizon (2000)

Verizon Communications Inc.

OH GOD... WHY? One of the world's most iconic logos has your eyes twisted in all sorts of directions. It supposedly represents speed... but in which direction? The V or the Z? And left or right? This is truly a mess and I eagerly anticipate the day Verizon gets a new identity.

Bing (2009)

Bing logo

This could have been a good logo, but the font is terrible. It somehow gives the logo a personality... a personality that seems to yell "ha-ha, look how much better we are than Google is."

iTunes 10 (2010)

ITunes logo 2010

It's not that it's unpleasant to look at, even though it kind of is. What really annoys me is the aftermath. It received generally poor reception from the crowd, but the worst part is that it created a fake Twitter account, @iTunes10icon. That just annoyed the hell out of me and I totally hate this logo for what it has done now. It even inspired the @GapLogo account, which would take off the next month when Gap would change its logo for a week.

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