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Hi, welcome to my user page. I'm a Logopedia user since November 16, 2014 and also one of the website's administrators since May 6, 2021.

Who am I?

I'm a 21 years old Japanese man from Kagawa Prefecture, who is currently unemployed.

What's my name came from?

In the beginning, I originally started my account as "Unitedd". But "United" was already being used, so I decided to add more "d" at the end of my username.

However in October 2015, I changed my username to "KansasJ". Like my previous name, "Kansas" was also being used, so I added another letter "J", which is the initial of Japan.

What articles I edit?

I edit articles which are my interests, such as Japanese companies and television stations around the world. The former is because I grew up with their brands. I'm also able to upload a lot of SVG files, which are known for having higher qualities.

So... you know a lot of stuff such as anime, cars, electronic products, manga and video games were made in Japan or Japanese companies. How about that?

How did I find Logopedia?

In 2013 or 2014, I was searching for Argentine television logos for a while, and found this website. I was not going to create my account, because some annoying features from Wikia (which was Fandom's former name) had messed up (but that was my opinion). But soon after finding a vandalism, I decided to create my account, because IP addresses were not allowed to edit Logopedia. The legend was born.

After creating my account, Logopedia soon became my hobby, and also became one of the websites I frequently visit. I see a lot of newer and younger people, but my influence at Logopedia is never fading.

So yeah... I think Fandom has changed a lot, when I was active. There's no matter what new features they will put, but I don't care. I'm just here to help the website, so... Respect that.

Before I go...

Like the founder of Logopedia, Alxeedo111 said, the website has been evolved into one of the largest Fandom communities in the world, containing over 100k articles, and a lot of people from around the world are still editing today. I came to Logopedia because my interests of logos, when my English skill was not tough like today. But in Logopedia, I have discovered the infinity of creativity, and became more excited in helping the expansion.

If I make my mistakes, I'm sorry. Because I'm a human, not a robot. But I thank to all people in the community who supported me for becoming an administrator. I didn't expect no one was opposing to my request. See you soon!

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