Welcome to my profile.

Welcome to the world of MeilcoPE67.

My Favorite Logos


The Fanta logo from 2008.

TSW logo

The TSW logo from 1982-1992.


User:Imnew7373 User:Digifiend User:Izzyfan User:AxG User:Logovis User:NewYorkCity101 User:Tmanokc User:Snelfu User:Väsk User:Alxeedo111


NOTE:Most of these users have bad words in their names. So I replaced them with - as the whole word (the letters are replaced with -).

User:Logovis----- User:Adminsare------- User:Your ---- ---- User:Jamie Seegars User:Nevadabell (formerly) User:Beatinthecar User:Pony0528

Sorry to harm those users...

Why me?

To make Fandom a better place. I fix vandalized pages and others.

Hope you a good time, and stay creating. MeilcoPE67 21:25, October 10, 2016 (UTC)

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