aka The Big Suit.

  • I live in The World of Onward.
  • I was born on October 11
  • I am Attack Heilcopter (Male)

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About me

18, Somehow, I got here and I'm editing for you guys.  I have been into logos since 2007 when I was 5 years old. Although I didn't join Wikia until 2014 full time. Also Close to 6 Years Of Editing,Noice.

Made 300 Edits on 2/10/19

Made 500 Edits on 4/28/19

Made 666 Edits on 8/26/19

Made 700 Edits on 2/27/20

6 Years on 8/17/20

Well, what else?

Well, I hope to make this wiki great, And my goal to be an admin someday.

I also did some work at fictionaltvstations wiki, But due to a block I can't appeal, I am not sure where else to put them.

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