aka Ryan Brotherston

  • I live in Panama City Beach, Florida
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Student/Artist
  • I am Male
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About Me

Howdy - my name's Ryan Brotherston, and I'm sixteen years old. I'm from the Panhandle of Florida (as if that hasn't already been made obvious by my contributions). I like old music, movies, and design (of course). I've been editing here since April 2, 2011, and I've been an admin since February 8th, 2019. I tend to edit these sections most often:

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The Quality over Quantity Principle

Instead of making a bunch of unnecessary edits that just add to my edit count, I prefer to spend time delving into my web and print resources, finding the highest-quality copies of logos I can, or at the very least, correcting inaccurate data in support of new findings.

Since adopting this principle, I've begun to take more initiative in high-quality recreations. Making better, more accurate recreations of logos whose only copies are of poor quality or are missing altogether from the Internet rather than leaving their spaces blank.

Software and Whatnot

My main OS is a Windows 10. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for my reconstructions and Microsoft Paint to crop images/newspaper clippings.

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Ames - 1380 15th St. Closing -December 29, 1989-
Sunshine Supermarket at Beck, 1972
Unknown Jr. Food Store Location, 1972
Dr. G. T. Newberry, Optometrist -April 10, 1942-
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